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A Great Guide

A Great Guide

Richard Stone's Stories: The Family Legacy is an excellent guide to help find that something more when playing relationship games.

Click to learn more! 

Relationship Games Home

Playing Relationship Games Can Be Something More .....

Than Just the Fun Of It .......  

Relationship Games HQ is the place to find relationship games that provide something more than just the fun of playing the game.

Games have long been recognized as ways to pass time and have fun. Relationship games also create opportunities for kids and adults of all ages, while having fun, to share feelings, experiences, and stories.

This sharing that fun games, relationship games, makes possible can prompt young and old alike to say or do something "new", share something they haven't shared before or shared befire in the same way.

And this sharing that occurs in the play of relationship games can validate healing, build stronger and deeper connection with self, and represents part of that something more that relationship games offer.

Relationship Rough Spots ...... Relationship Issues

Relationship rough spots and issues between parents and their children, among siblings, between partners, spouses, and friends often have their origin in ways of “knowing” how to be with ourselves and others.

This is “knowing” that guides our interaction with both ourselves and others. It is “knowing” that we learned and that worked in an important situation or relationship in the past but which isn’t working so well any more.

Compounding things; we aren’t always aware of exactly what it is, of what it is that prevents us from altering or mending our ways to improve a relationship—make a relationship with a partner, spouse, parent, child, or a friend work better. We can’t put words to it, can’t quite grasp what it is we are saying and doing that isn’t working—in short we don’t get it. 

Difficult as it can be, improving relationships, smoothing rough spots, moving beyond issues often depends on mending or altering very elusive ways of “knowing” how to be with ourselves and others. And relationship games often create opportunities to ease this process.

 Play Relationship Games ...... Create Opportunities

Surprisingly, the play of relationship games and especially non-competitive relationship games for couples, kids, teens, and families offers opportunities through sharing to bring new aspects of who we are into awareness and see our story and our way of being with ourselves and others in a new light—part of that something more.

The opportunities occur in the sharing that occurs during the play of relationship games as player’s respond to questions in the Do Tell games like; What do you want to be remembered for? Why? Describe a perfect day? And What do you daydream about?

Or when playing another relationship game, the pitch a story game, a player creates and pitches a story telling how Nigel, a psychic, in a cellar in an old castle, running out of air, but fortunately holding a toothpick manages this challenging situation.

It is during the play of relationship games, with a relaxed frame of mind, answering challenging questions, responding to sometimes seemingly overwhelming situations that we share something and create opportunities to learn about ourselves and others.

It is this learning through sharing during the play of relationship games that makes it possible to strengthen and deepen connection and improve relationships.

New Ways Of Knowing ...... Improving Relationships

Revelation and recognition through sharing make possible greater self-awareness and self-reflection. They validate and make it possible to accept and heal a part of us (a way of being with self and other) that we had not been aware of. 

This increased awareness, this growth and change, emerging from the play of non-competitive, relationship games, provides not only new ways of seeing and connecting with ourselves but also helps us better read and understand the intentions of others which helps solidify new ways of being with both ourselves and others.

It is these changes that emerge from the play of fun games, relationship games that in turn, for young and old alike, aid in building, repairing, maintaining, and improving relationships in every sphere of life; in marriage, with friends, within families, and at work and school.

Playing Relationship Games ...... Finding Something More

Relationship Games HQ offers the best designs in board, card, and other relationship games that offer great fun, have been thoroughly tested, and come with a100% money back guarantee.

There is a fun, relationship game for every age and every occasion. Relationship Games HQ is the place to find the best relationship game. 

Look around! Find a new fun, relationship game, play it, and reach for the something more that relationship games make possible.

Feel free to email or call our customer support line with questions. 

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